Single Stainless Steel Replacement Cartridge for TAP02/19 Double Tap


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A stainless steel replacement cartridge that will work with our TAP02/19  double tap if the cartridge has been damaged by frost 

Easy to replace yourself , the small discs on the top of the tap tops can be prised off and there is a screw underneath that can be undone so that the tap cap can be removed. The cartridge should then be relatively easily removed (may need untwisting with some pliers carefully)  The new cartridge can then be inserted and everything tightened up again.

PLEASE NOTE - the double tap has 2 cartridges, 1 per tap section so depending where the leak is , you may need to replace only 1 cartridge rather than both.

Priced here for a SINGLE cartridge

Please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 for more information

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