Window Boxes

Give your home a summer vibe. What better way to brighten your home than beautiful window boxes. Choose to go funky with modern fibreglass in a myriad of colours or go natural, with beautiful slate and stone.

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wooden trough planter or window box in modern spruce wood

Set of 2 Modern Spruce Wood Garden Trough Planters or Window Boxes. 2 Sizes, Priced From.....

galvanised metal window box or herb planter

Galvanised Steel Window Box or Herb Planter, Priced From.....

fibreglass window box planters in blue indoor planter

Window Boxes in Fibreglass. Modern Planters Available in 4 Lengths and A Variety of Colours. Priced From....

stone effect garden trough planter or window box in grey slate effect

"Stone" Effect Window Box in High Grade Plastic with 6 Varied Stone Finishes

slate window box planter with succulent outdoor on window sill

PAIR of Natural Slate Window Boxes or Small Garden Troughs

zinc window box planters small metal pig trough planters

PAIR of Vintage Effect Galvanised Zinc Window Boxes or Herb Planters. 3 Sizes, Priced From......