Hand Held 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel External Shower Head & Hose with Simple ON/OFF Single Feed Tap in 304 Outdoor Grade.


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EXCLUSIVE to Ingarden in the UK

This version of our successful SH08 hand held shower is better for coastal properties where we now can offer the hand held shower head and hose part in 316 marine grade stainless steel .The hose is also a smooth sheath construction with no ridges, making it much easier to maintain and keep clean of small rust spots etc 

The lever tap is still only available in 304 outdoor grade stainless steel but is at least a smooth faced solid item making cleaning quite easy.

Perfect for Dog Washing and Boot Rinsing

Perfect for Hosing Down Kids From the Beach

The prices shown includes the hand held shower head and wall bracket, the flexi hose and the tap connector.

This hand held shower set is for single feed, cold water supply only, although the use of a "behind the scenes" mixer valve would enable you to connect hot and cold water into a single feed to have water then supplied at a pre-set temperature.

Mixer valves can be purchased easily from a plumber and it is a very straightforward plumbing procedure. As long as you position the thermostatic valve in an accessible position then the temperature can be altered whenever you require - just not at the shower head.

As with all external water products we would always advise installing with an isolation valve so that water can be shut off and the shower drained down during periods of freezing temperatures . This will help avoid damage to internal valves caused by freezing water expanding and causing damage.

316 marine grade stainless steel is the best grade available on the market for external use but evn with this grade you must accept that a degree of cleaning and maintenance is required to keep rust spots from ocurring. The closer you are to the sea and the salt in the sea air will determine the degree. Simply washing down regularly with clean water will keep rust spots at bay or if they do occur then a diluted vinegar solution or preparatory stainless steel cleaner and soft cloth (NON abrasive) will remove the spots . They are purely aesthetic and will not harm the integrity of the stainless steel in any way.

LEAD TIME = Please allow 7-10 working days as all showers are imported from Europe although sometimes we have stock in the UK so call to check if needed urgently.

Call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 for more information

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