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EXCLUSIVE to Ingarden in the UK. A smart and simple hose tap that can be fitted with all general makes of irrigation systems, such as Hoselock and Gardena.

What we love:

  • 304 Outdoor Grade Brushed Stainless Steel - designed for outdoor use
  • Single Feed Garden Hose Tap 
  • Easy to Operate 1/4 Turn on Tap
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee  (please note the warranty does not cover damage caused by frost)
  • No need to stare at an ugly old copper-coloured tap, this sleek model is both beautiful and functional.
  • The taps now all have a stainless steel, flush insert in the top (not a red plastic insert as shown on image)

If you are permanently securing a hosepipe - then use the ridged section and secure the pipe with clips. For use with an irrigation system simply unscrew the ridged section and you can screw on the Hoselock end etc. 

PLEASE NOTE as with all outdoor taps and showers, isolate and drain water supply in cold winter months to avoid frozen water damaging internal tap valves. Leave taps in an open position whilst water is turned off. Failure to do this can result in internal cartridges splitting or in extreme cases can cause a split in the stainless steel. Cartridges can be purchased and replaced but damage to the steel would require a replacement body part to be purchased.

The supplier's warranty will not cover damage caused by frost

PLEASE NOTE - WE DO NOT RECOMMEND 304 OUTDOOR GRADE STAINLESS STEEL IN COASTAL AREAS as the salt content in the air will sit on the steel and cause rust spots to occur - which can be cleaned off but will need more regular maintenance.

Even with 316 marine grade steel, the closer to the sea you are, there may still be rust spots that occur. They are purely cosmetic and will not damage the integrity of the steel. Regular rinsing down and cleaning with diluted vinegar solution or a preparatory stainless steel cleaner. (please use a soft cloth and no abrasive cloth or cleaner) will keep them at bay.

LEAD TIME 1-2 days if we have stock in the UK / 5-7 days if we need to order in from Europe

Please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 for more information or advice.

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