Garden Shower. Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Single Feed Outdoor Shower


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

shower head diameter: 20 cm. Height of pole from tap to top of shower : 119 cm


EXCLUSIVE to Ingarden in the Uk

304 Outdoor Grade Brushed Stainless Steel

20 cm Flat Shower Head

Single Feed

A simple, elegant wall mounted design. Single Feed only so use an internal mixer valve if you wish to connect hot and cold water supply to allow a pre-set warm temperature then from the shower.  Perfect for use by children as there is no chance of  scalding themselves on very hot water.

As with all outdoor taps and showers, isolate and drain water supply (and leave in an ON position)  in cold winter months to avoid frozen water damaging internal tap valves.

In coastal areas especially, rinse with clean water to avoid rust spots developing. If they do appear, clean with a stainless steel cleaner to avoid further deterioration.

For more information please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409

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