Outdoor Shower. Stainless Steel Free Standing Garden Shower


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

From ground to showerhead ; 214cm, Total from ground to top ; 225 cm, The levers are 120 cm from the ground



304 Outdoor Grade Brushed Stainless Steel

Double Feed, Free Standing Outdoor Shower

Flexi Shower Hose and 20cm Shower Head 

A stunning, high quality outdoor, garden shower. Double feed allows complete temperature control. Stylish, contemporary outdoor shower, perfect for holiday homes, next to swimming pools and hot tubs.

The hand held flexi hose shower adds more flexibility when showering.

As with all outdoor showers and outside taps, please ensure the water supply can be isolated in cold weather, especially if placed in an exposed area. Once isolated, turn the taps ON and LEAVE IN AN ON POSITION , to ensure water is drained out .

PLEASE NOTE - duckboard NOT included in the price 

Please note in coastal areas especially though a degree of maintenance is required to avoid rust spots occurring. Washing down regularly with clean water is sufficient to avoid salt sitting on the stainless steel.

If rust spots do occur they are purely cosmetic and will do no damage to the steel. Easily cleaned with diluted vinegar solution or a preparatory stainless steel cleaner. (please use a soft cloth and no abrasive cloth or cleaner)

Stunning used as an INDOOR shower also .... WHY NOT?

LEAD TIME = Please allow 7-10 working days as all showers are imported from Europe.

Please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 for more information

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