Outdoor Showers

5th November 2018

As we move into Winter, now is the time to plan your garden for next year and if you are having any landscaping work done then perhaps now is the time to think about an outdoor shower !

If you have a hot tub or a swimming pool, an outdoor shower is the perfect partner, allowing you to shower outside before getting in for a swim or a bubble...You may also want to consider a new outside tap to complete the look.

If you are lucky enough to live by the coast and have kids, family, friends and dogs coming home off the beach, then an outdoor shower is perfect to let them wash the sand off BEFORE they enter the house and traipse it through every room.

If you don't have any of the above but we increasingly have longer, hotter Summers then an outdoor shower could just be the luxury item you allow yourself, helping you cool off on the hottest of days.

Keep your kids chilled on Summer days and again , what better way to keep dirt and mud out of the house than letting them have fun under an outdoor shower. They will love it and you won't have to clean the bathroom quite so much ..... It's a WIN - WIN.

We have a wide range of wall mounted outdoor showers, and floor mounted outdoor showers. Both single and double feed versions, something for everyone.  If you have young children then you may want to consider a single feed shower but with a mixer valve plumbed in behind the scenes, so that if they are unsupervised, they just have the option to turn the shower on and off - with a pre-set warm water and no possibility of scalding themselves.

We have outdoor showers in 304 outdoor grade and 316 marine grade brushed stainless steel . All are suitable for outdoor use but if you live in a coastal area we would always recommend going for the higher 316 grade steel . However even with marine grade stainless steel, the closer you are to the sea the more maintenance is required - just to regularly wash off the salt from sitting on the steel and causing any rust spots to occur.

In terms of maintenance, rust spots are purely aesthetic and will not effect the integrity of the stainless steel . If they do appear they can be easily cleaned off with a preparatory stainless steel cleaner or a diluted vinegar and water solution.

If you would like more information or advice about installing an outdoor shower in your own garden then p;ease call us on 01732 463409 .