Beautiful Garden Benches

16th September 2019

Garden benches are a wonderful addition to any garden design scheme.

They offer you not only a practical seating element within your garden but also a focal point that can draw the eye towards a certain part of the garden or even a sculptural WOW factor that all gardens should have!

Here at Ingarden, we offer all sorts of garden benches in all sorts of materials - some traditional and some more modern.

If when someone says "garden bench" you automatically think wood then of course, we have plenty of modern and contemporary styles to choose from, mainly in Teak or Roble and Acacia hardwoods - proven hardwood qualities that are the best for all year round, outdoor use. Low maintenance due to the naturally high oil content in these woods - as long as you appreciate all hardwoods will weather fairly quickly to a silver-birch colour and small cracks will also appear over time . These visual changes are purely aesthetic and do not compromise the durability of the wood or the benches in any way.

If you fancy another durable and beautiful natural material, then look no further than our stunning range of sandstone garden benches. Several designs to choose from, but all offering high quality natural stone. Each piece carefully selected for the best and highest quality natural veining and then each one carved by hand - so no 2 benches are ever the same.

The beautiful thing about natural sandstone in our unpredictable and ever changeable weather - is that you may not want to sit on a wet bench but visually they look even more stunning when wet, when the colours and tones become even more noticeable.

If you are looking for a more modern / contemporary garden bench, then we also have that covered . Look out for benches in synthetic rattan and rope weaves. These tend to be lighter weight (usually woven over powder coated aluminium frames), so more flexible seating, easier to move around your garden or even to use inside within a garden room or conservatory - and brought outside as and when needed.  Remember though, these rattan benches will usually need cushions added for comfort.

Alongside benches for sitting on, they can also combine with more practical purposes - the best example of this is our hardwood and corten steel garden bench with log storage - perfect to position next to a lovely corten steel fire bowl and then you are good to go ..... long leisurely evenings sat outside, wrapped in a snuggly throw, warm mug in hand and next to a roaring log fire. 

Simply Bliss.

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