Garden Wedding Gift List

Are you looking for alternative ideas for your Wedding Gift List ? Do you feel like you have enough in the way of toasters and bedlinen?

Why not start your married life with a beautiful new garden scheme full of beautiful new presents to help you make the most of your new lives together; Choose an INGARDEN WEDDING GIFT LIST ..... make it different

Extending Dining Tables, Chairs and BBQs to entertain with, Comfortable Weatherproof Outdoor Sofas, Recliners and Loungers to relax onto, Garden Heating and Lighting to add ambience and to extend the time you can spend in your garden, Planters, Water Features, Sculpture and Outdoor Art to add your own personal touch.

Guests have the option to buy smaller items separately or to contribute towards larger items - which can be broken up into your chosen amounts (i.e. £30 / £50 / £100).

To choose your own individual Garden Wedding Gift List, all you need to do is go through our website and add each item that you would like onto your very own "Wish List". Once this has been set up, you will have your own personalised list which you can;

Print out and give to guests OR E-mail to your guests OR Give your password to guests so that they may access the list directly themselves.

We will make sure all gifts are ready for delivery after your BIG DAY and you will have all the fun of seeing your new garden transformed before your very eyes. Ready to invite everyone over for more champagne whilst you show everyone your Wedding Photos!

As an added incentive we would be delighted to offer you our very own Garden Wedding Gift - choose additional ingarden products to the value of 10% of your guests total purchase value. Our way of saying THANK YOU.

If you are looking for specific modern patio furniture or accessories that you just cannot find, call 01732 463409 and hopefully we can help you find what you are looking for from a huge range of UK and European sources. Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding our Garden Wedding Gift List Service.