Small Natural Stone Garden Bench with Amber Sandstone Seat on Cream Legs


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

L 100 cm W 30 cm H 45 cm


A small, compact garden bench in beautiful natural sandstone. Perfect for smaller gardens or small areas within larger gardens to give a temporary rest point anywhere.

A warm Amber Polished Stone Seat, combines beautifully with the  soft Cream Sandstone legs.

The polished stone seats have all the unique characteristics of a natural product , so please be aware that no 2 benches will be the same but all will have beautiful variations in colour, veining and texture.  PLEASE NOTE : sometimes the natural iron content within the cream stone legs can result in some "rust" coloured markings appearing in the stone over time . This cannot be avoided and is a natural characteristic of the porous cream sandstone. 

Delivered in 3 pieces, the seat simply slots into the legs with no need for any fixings. The weight keeps everything in place.

Easy to clean and maintain and frost and weather resistant.  Please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 for more information

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