High Grade Plastic Planters

High Grade Plastic Planters

Please do not be put of by the word "plastic". Increasingly being used to create high quality planters with all the durability and weatherproof qualities that plastics provide. A huge range of colours and finishes are available at a much reduced price compared to the real natural material equivalents. Give them a go.....

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Modern Tall Garden Cone Planter. Indoor or Outdoor Use in 3 Contemporary Colours


Raised Modern Herb Planter in 3 Great Colours & 4 Sizes, Priced From.....


Modern Garden or Indoor Bowl Planters. 3 Contemporary Colours and 3 Sizes, Priced From.....


"Stone" Effect Cubed Garden Planters in 3 Sizes and 6 Varied Stone Effects......


Stone Effect Window Box in Rotationally Molded Plastic in Various Stone and Slate Effects