Firepits & Patio Heaters

Firepits & Patio Heaters

Modern Firepits and Patio Heaters are both great to extend the use of your garden into Autumn and start again in early Spring. Firepits especially create not just practical heat but a really lovely warm ambience and atmosphere that will keep your party going for as long into the night as you want it to!

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Fire Globe or Fire Bowl in 2 Stunning designs - Black Heat Resistant Painted Steel


Fire Bowl in Corten Steel ~ Modern, Square Outdoor Firepit


Fire Bowl ~ Corten Steel Round Outdoor Garden Firepits

corten steel fire bowl form structure in the garden

Corten Steel Form Fire Bowl With BBQ Grill, For Gardens & Outdoor Use


Stainless Steel Patio Heater. Modern Pyramid Design Gas Patio Heater


Stainless Steel Patio Heater & Weatherproof Cover. Gas Heater For the Garden


Contemporary Coiled Wire Garden Fire Basket in 4 Sizes, Priced From.....


Large Shallow Corten Steel Firepit For Garden & Outdoor Use. 2 Sizes, Priced From....


Patio Heater. Good Value Gas Heater For the Garden. Green


Table Top Patio Heater in Stainless Steel For Garden & Outdoor Use

corten steel fire bowl low shallow modern metal firepit

Corten Steel Outdoor Shallow Fire Bowl or Dish, Priced From.....


Log Basket For Garden or Fireplace Use. Hand Wrought Iron in 3 Sizes. Priced From......