Novelty Mini Car Garden Drinks Cooler in Recycled Metal


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

Length: 95cm Width: 42cm Height: 41cm


Be the envy of your friends and family with these great novelty drinks coolers. Fill it with ice and away you go.... "what fun !"  

Designed for outdoor garden use but just as brilliant used inside for all your parties. 

What we love:

  • Made with recycled metal shipping drums thereby avoiding landfill
  • hand crafted by workers in Vietnam, providing income and amazing skills to reduce huge shipping drums to these beautifully crafted pieces.
  • Each one made by hand to every one is unique / bespoke and has already lived a life outside so unaffected by weather conditions
  • Working wheels (as you would expect) meansd its totally portable and can be wheeled around your party for maximum effect.
  • A bottle opener at the back and a small hole for rain drainage in it's base
  • these novelty min cars will put the fun and conversation into any party!

PLEASE NOTE - all are completely individual and so will not look exactly like these photos - colour variations will occur due to whichever shipping drums are used.

Please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 for more information

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