Large Natural Stone Garden Water Feature in Warm Grey or Rainbow Sandstone


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

Diam: 90 cm x H: 25 cm


This beautiful large, 90 cm diameter water feature allows you to make a real statement / focal point within your garden and combines the natural beauty of hand carved and honed stone with the calm tranquility of soothing water.

The natural beauty of either Rainbow sandstone or the Warm Grey Stone is enhanced by the water trickling over the rim of the bowl - with the water exaggerating the mineralisation and coloured hues naturally within the stone.

Each piece is hand carved from high quality natural sandstone, so each piece is unique but every piece will have been selected for its high grade colour and texture. 

The price shown here includes everything you will need to install your garden water feature.

- 90cm sandstone bowl

- 114 cm diameter x 32 cm deep galvanised reservoir including steel support grill, access hatch and mesh guard

- 1200 litre per hour pump

- 19-25mm water pump hose

- 2 x foam pipe bung

- 100kg of your choice of rainbow, black or white pebbles - we will contact you to confirm WHICH colour you require after you place your order.

- Plug

- Installation instructions

- Care guide

Please call the Ingarden team for more information or advice.

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