Heavy Duty Garden Pergola. 4 x 3 m Aluminium Gazebo with Louvre Roof - Frame & Roof Only


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

Depth: 300 cm X Width : 400 cm x Full height: 255 cm Post widths 13


A stunning contemporary garden pergola - Frame and Roof Only - in Charcoal Grey that will add a contemporary WOW factor to your garden and make a really usable, additional outdoor space for you to entertain in and make the most of your garden.


What we love;

  • Heavy Duty Powder coated aluminium supported by largen than usual 13.6 cm x 13,6 cm square legs
  • Slatted louvre roof can be closed to make it waterproof and weather resistant.
  • The aluminium is durable, highly UV resistant with virtually no maintenance required.  
  • Drainage channels and tilting roof louvres prevent rain water building up on the roof and direct rainwater down inner leg channels
  • The slatted, louvre roof means you can switch between a closed, sheltered space or an open roof that allows sun & light in.
  • This means you can use your pergola in all weathers and extend the use of your garden to virtually all year round.

PLEASE NOTE  especially in heavy rain though, a little water can permeate through the slats. We recommend when not in use and in windy conditions to raise blinds into their closed position to minimise any damage the outside elements can bring.

PLEASE NOTE - price here is for the gazebo frame and louvre slatted roof ONLY 

See "Related Products" below to purchase Pull Down Blinds or Louvre Panels as required;

  • The pull down screen blinds OR fixed louvre side panels add privacy and protection from the elements 
  • Fixed Louvre Panels: each side of the pergola can take up to 3 fixed side walls and can used in any combination required. 
  • Sizes come in 1.0m wide for 3.0m sides, 1.2m wide for 3.6m and 7.2m sides & 1.3m wide for 4.0m sides.
  • Pull Down Blinds are available for all lengths including 3.0m for 3.0m sides, 3.6m for 3.6 and 7.2m sides, 4.0m for 4.0m sides.

FOR LIGHTING WE SUGGEST - There are many options available to purchase waterproof LED Pergola lights from (Amazon) that come in various lengths some which can be cut to size. We recommend to position the lights within the 12mm inner beam channel. You will need approximately 15m for the 4x3m  Pergola outer rim only and 23m for the 7.2x3.6m Pergola outer rim only and if required another 8m for the central cross beam.

For more information please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 or email info@ingarden.co.uk.

If you live in London or the South East, you can book a home consultation. Our garden consultant and stylist can help you choose and style your pergola/gazebo.

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