Wall Mounted Outdoor Tap & Hand Held Shower - Perfect for Garden Spas, Hot Tubs & Dog Washing


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A contemporary, wall mounted garden tap and shower in high quality, 304 outdoor grade, brushed stainless steel.

Double feed for hot and cold water supply, with a diverter that allows water to flow from either the tap spout or the hand held shower.

Super flexible for showering, rinsing off when using hot tubs or swimming pools and / or washing the dog !

Combined with a useful tap for filling bowls, washing hands, washing feet, washing boots - depends what your individual needs are ?

304 grade stainless steel is high grade and perfectly suited to outdoor use (unlike lower grades used for indoor products)

If using in a coastal area though a degree of maintenance is needed to keep the steel looking tip-top. Regular cleaning / rinsing down will prevent the salt in the air from sitting on the steel, causing rust spots to occur.  Rust spots are easily cleaned off with a diluted vinegar solution or preparatory stainless steel cleaners and a soft cloth (do not use any abrasive cloth) and do not affect the integrity of the steel. It is a purely aesthetic condition.

As per any outdoor water feature, an isolation tap that allows the water supply to be turned off in colder months and when not in use, will protect the tap and avoid damage caused by frost.  We recommend that the water is turned off, tap turned on and LEFT IN AN ON position , to drain down all water from within the tap.  

If the internal valve is damaged by frost, replacement valves are available to purchase and are easy to fit/replace.

For more information please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409

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