Ingarden: Example Page

Here is a main title for the start of the page's content (beyond the page's overall title above. Again, held inside a pair of H3 tags, to differentiate it from normal paragraphs of bodycopy

Lucinda, the photo on the left has been added in via the Magento Admin interface. It has been resized there too. Manually (with the WYSIWYG editir hidden) I have added in the CSS Class of "imgAlignLeft", which puts the image in position and gives it some margin spacing away from the body text around it.

Lucinda, the "candles" image on the right has also been added through Magento's Admin interface. This time I have manually added the class of "imgAlignRight" which has placed the image on the right-hand side instead (and given appropriate right-hand margins, to keep the text from touching it.

Lucinda, this "EXAMPLE" page is not linked to from anywhere on the website's front-end, so it's not publicly visible... unless you specifically browse to This is here so that you can check the content of this example page and see the way that images have been added to the content (using the "imgAlignLeft" class and the "imgAlignRight" class).

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