Corten Steel Outdoor Shallow Fire Bowl or Dish, Priced From.....


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

Small: 60 cm diam x 14 cm high Medium: 80 cm diam x 21 cm high Large: 100 cm diam x 21 cm high XL: 120 cm diam x 21 cm high


Shallow Curved Corten Steel Fire Dish

Strong Welded Base

4 Sizes Available

5 Year Guarantee

These high quality fire bowls are made from 3mm thick Corten Steel, which is a strong and weather-resistant material that covers itself with a protective layer of rust very quickly once exposed to air. This fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion and is purely aesthetic. It does NOT cause any reduction in durability or strength of the steel. 

These bowls all have a circular stand which is welded to the base, with holes in the base to aid air flow for the fire. The weathering process begins immediately and continues for approximately 4 months depending on climate and location. This process can be expedited by wiping off any residual surface oil left by the manufacturing process. 

Please note – the CorTen Steel product you receive will be unweathered or partially weathered unless otherwise agreed. During the weathering process the CorTen Steel produces carbon run off and therefore potential staining to neighbouring materials such as decking or patios. (originally looks dark grey steel as per image shown here) THEREFORE, we strongly advise you place your CorTen product somewhere where any residual run-off will not cause permanent damage or staining as both ourselves and the supplier cannot be held liable for any staining caused by the weathering process. The supplier can weather the product themselves before delivering but obviously this will have mean a lengthy lead time AND there is also an ADDITIONAL COST .

As with all fires, NEVER leave unattended and DO NOT allow young children anywhere near a lit fire. Also, please allow for the metal to cool down before touching or trying to move. 

Please call the Ingarden team on 01732 463409 for more information.

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