Corten Steel Garden Cubed Planters. 3 Sizes, Priced From


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

S = 30 cm cube M = 40 cm cube L = 50 cm cube


These cube planters will give an 'old industrial' feel to your container planting, in a clean contemporary setting they will provide an interesting contrast with their weathered appearance.

Corten Steel is a strong and weather-resistant material that covers itself with a protective layer of rust when it is exposed to open air.  This fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion and is a purely aesthetic process. It in no way compromises the quality of the steel.

The planters arrive with you as natural grey steel colour but the weathering process then begins immediately and continues for approximately 4 months depending on climate and location. This will see the planters appearance change into a beautiful natural colour combination of oranges and browns, eventually settling into a deep brown rust colour. The nature of the steel is that it remains structurally sound despite the oxidation process.

PLEASE NOTE – During the weathering process ( which can take several months) the Corten Steel produces carbon run off a which can potentially stain neighbouring materials such as decking or patios.  We strongly advise you weather the planters somewhere where any staining will NOT cause a problem or perhaps sit the planters on loose gravel or stones etc which can be changed / moved around if any staining does occur.

PLEASE NOTE - Both ourselves and the supplier can take NO responsibility for any staining caused by carbon run off.

Lead time - 5 - 7 working days 

If you would like more information please contact the Ingarden team on 01732 463409

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