Contemporary Welly Boot Store in Weatherproof Blackened Hardwood


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In the same range as the log storage and wheelie bin options we offer, this nifty welly boot store offers a way to keep your wellies dry, tidy and outside (freeing up that usually valuable space either in a porch, hallway or utility room)

Made from weatherproof blackened Spruce hardwood with a steel sheet metal roof, and raised off the floor to allow air to circulate. With enough space for 3 or 4 pairs of wellies (depending on size and make) it's ideal positioned by your front or back door, with boots then ready to go and potentially not having to be cleaned so often - if not having to bring them indoors all the time !

The galvanised, sheet metal roof is gently slanted to help rain run off the top and makes it doubley useful as either a log store or somewhere you can have parcels left by couriers and post etc. 

Please note : price includes £40 delivery cost charged to us by the supplier

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