Contemporary Grey or Classic Rose Terracotta Garden Planters. Set of 2 Different Sizes.


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Dimensions (WxDxH)

Large : D: 72 cm x H:63 cm Medium: D: 50 cm x H;46 cm


These beautiful terracotta planters are created and fired by hand in Tuscany, using traditional techniques passed down through the ages.

Today though you can choose from the classic terracotta shade or a more contemporary "grey" tone.

Made from premium clay, the high quality materials and craftsmanship means the pots’ patinas will improve with age, and live on from one generation to the next. Their durability comes from high-temperature firings and a subtle silicone treatment—which means they are also completely waterproof.

If your plants could speak, they would tell you that there’s nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe, and superior clay holds in the moisture they need.

These planters come direct to you from Europe so the price includes an international pallet charge which unfortunately adds greatly to the cost but is unavoidable and we have yet to find such a beautiful, high quality alternative in the UK.

PLEASE NOTE - that also means a 1-2 week delivery time

For more information please call the ingarden team on 01732 463409

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