Bird Baths

Perfect for all year round structure in the garden, Bird Baths are an excellent way to add a beautiful garden feature that also, of course, helps our feathered friends. This is especially important in the Winter months when natural bird food sources might be scarce. 

Ingarden offers a stunning range of Bird Baths and Bird Bowls in natural, Indian sandstone and slate. Individually handcrafted by artisans in beautiful, hard, non-porous sandstone. Only the best quality natural stone is used ensuring each piece has a high proportion of exquisite, unique, natural markings.

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Stone Birdbath. Dolphin Grey TWISTED Honed Sandstone.


Stone Birdbath. Rainbow TWISTED Sandstone. Smooth Honed Finish


Stone Birdbath. Rainbow Sandstone with Twisted Base - HAMMERED textured finish


Grey Sandstone Bird Bowl on Natural Oak Plinth in 3 Heights, Priced From.....


Natural Rainbow Sandstone Bird Bowl on Oak Plinth. 3 Heights, Priced From....


Stone Bird Bath. Modern, rainbow Sandstone Bowl on a Natural Slate Plinth


Natural Grey Sandstone Bird Bowl on Natural Slate Plinth . 2 Heights Available, Priced From....


Grey Natural Sandstone Garden Bird Bowl Only. Larger Bird Bowl


Natural Rainbow Sandstone Garden Bird Bowl Only.